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Get Shaking!!

I started to get serious about eating healthy and exercising about two months ago. For me, it was time. At about the same time I purchased a NutriBullet. Making my shake has become my new morning routine. It really does make a huge difference in how you feel. My “shake” in the morning usually consists of any combination of banana, grapes, apple, peaches, blueberries and raspberries. Then I have to get my green on. Usually spinach and avocado go in each shake. I also went to the health store and bought flax seed, chia seeds, and maca powder. You can use water but I love the Silk Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla, and it’s only 30 calories per cup. I use about a cup of the milk. The avocado makes the shakes creamy and the chia seeds really help thicken it. Make sure you add some ice to give it that shake consistency. Remember, the finished product is only two colors. Green and baby poop brown. There are a million recipes on line for making your morning shake and they’re probably all good.
Below is a link to order if you would like to order one: I purchased mine from Amazon. Let me know what you think!


This is the best piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever owned. I originally got mine from Curves. They no longer carry the loops for sale but I have bought several as gifts for friends. I use mine when I watch TV. I can actually do it for an hour without stopping. Warning: At first you will be very tender. This comes with a video that I’ve never watched but I’m sure is wonderful. I recommend to friends and family to start with 5 to 10 minutes. After using mine for several weeks, I can feel, for lack of a better word, little bee bees under my skin on my stomach. When it first happened years ago, I went to the doctor and she said it is actually the fat being broken down under the skin. It’s really amazing. I love using the hula hoop and if used on a regular basis, it is the best exercise I’ve ever done to control my waist line. For exercise, I’m into fun, simple and entertaining.


As you know I have been an interior designer most of my adult life. I love houndstooth. It is my favorite pattern. It’s a joke in my office, how often I use a houndstooth pattern when making selections for a new model home. I bought this laptop bag for my 17” laptop and it is the best looking one I’ve ever had. I use it a lot for travel and it travels so well. Everything in it is well protected. I use it a lot when just stopping into a Starbucks or Panera Bread and grabbing lunch and working.  It has lot of pockets for storage and I love being able to store my laptop, folders and the charger in separate compartments. Amazon also has a 15” and I’ve included that link for both above.